Le Bel Ordinaire

Le Bel Ordinaire

10th arrondissement Bistro€€Paris Update Favorite

Le Bel Ordinaire is a rarity in France: a restaurant/shop funded by crowdsourcing. A goodly amount must have been raised to finance this handsome restaurant/fine grocery with a long wooden table running down the center and an open kitchen in … Read More

Le Desnoyez

Eat Well, Pay Less

20th arrondissement Bistro€€Paris Update Favorite

Dear readers, here is another great Paris restaurant find for you. Desnoyez reminds me of Etsi, reviewed here a month or so ago. Both are off-the-beaten-track small bistros with an attractive, uncomplicated decor. And both serve simple, creative, seasonal dishes … Read More


Sting-free Nettles

9th arrondissement Bistro€€€Paris Update Favorite

When a French weekly magazine recently gave Orties a rating of five stars out of five rather than its usual maximum of three and called it the revelation of the season, I knew I had to get there soon. The word had … Read More


Dirty Dishes, Bad Attitude

10th arrondissement Bistro€€€

Why is it that the places closest to home are often the last ones we go to? So it was with Chameleon, which I have been hearing good things about for some time but have managed to avoid until now … Read More


The Benefits of Solo Dining

18th arrondissement Contemporary French€€€Paris Update Favorite

I rarely eat alone in restaurants, but after my experience at Nomos the other day, I think I will do it more often. Without the pleasant distraction of conversation, it’s easier to concentrate on and savor the flavors and textures … Read More


Good Cheer, Good Chow

9th arrondissement Bistro€€Paris Update Favorite

“Tous,” the name of a new restaurant in the ninth arrondissement, could mean “everything,” but I think in this case it means “everyone,” as in “everyone feels welcome here.” The greetings are friendly from both the easygoing young couple who … Read More