Hanging the Pot Hanger

December 9, 2008 | By Nick Woods | Tales of la Ville

Hanging the Pot Hanger The crémaillère in full swing. The full report next month… “Alors, c’est quand ta crémaillère, Nickolas?” asked a wrinkly-before-her-time friend of mine through an exhalation of strong French cigarette smoke as we sat outside at a … Read More

Welcome to France

November 4, 2008 | By Nick Woods | Tales of la Ville

Welcome to France Be careful what you put on your toothbrush. For years the same dream: driving over a gigantic cross-Channel bridge and landing in a stylish, open air café in a square in Montmartre. After years of stalling, British-born … Read More

Les Bloggeurs de Paris

November 4, 2008 | By Heidi Ellison | Tales of la Ville

Les Bloggeurs de Paris Little Shiva in disguise. Photo: Richard Nahem Who knew that Paris had so many English-language bloggers? A bevy of them recently tore themselves away from their computers to socialize (and network, of course) at a cocktail … Read More