The Kindly Ones

April 21, 2009 | By Owen McGowan | Books

Jonathan Littell’s Les Bienveillantes, just published in English as The Kindly Ones, is rubbish. What could have been an enthralling 394-page novel on the daily grind of history’s largest war is instead a lame 1,394-page (992 in the English version) … Read More

Le Fait du Prince

21st-Century Moraliste

October 7, 2008 | By Paris Update | Books

Novelist Amélie Nothomb is known for churning out a book without fail every year for the rentrée littéraire, wearing flamboyant hats and being extremely media-savvy. Her latest offering, Le Fait du Prince (the almost untranslatable title of which means something … Read More

La Rentrée Littéraire Sept. 2008

September 2, 2008 | By Heidi Ellison | Books

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll The usually bloated list of new books coming out during France’s fall publishing season, known as la rentrée littéraire, has slimmed down somewhat this year, with “only” 676 novels being published, 466 of … Read More

Interview with John Biguenet

July 22, 2008 | By Paris Update | Books

On the Verge O. Henry Award-winning writer John Biguenet, who lives in New Orleans, is in Paris this month for the launch of his novel Oyster, published in French as Le Secret du Bayou, and to teach a creative writing … Read More

A Dangerous Liaison

Existential Affairs

June 3, 2008 | By Paris Update | Books

When Jean-Paul Sartre was buried in the Montparnasse Cemetery (on the south side of Paris) on April 19, 1980, a crowd of 50,000 people surged forward as his distraught partner Simone de Beauvoir threw a white rose onto his coffin. … Read More

Forget 68

Revolt Remembered

April 29, 2008 | By Paris Update | Books

The 40th anniversary of the May 1968 riots in Paris has unleashed the inevitable stream of exhibitions and publications evoking that most extraordinary time. You can, for instance, see a free exhibition of photographs in the Place de la Sorbonne, … Read More